EFT (Tapping) with Jennifer O'Keefe

EFT is not about understanding what happened in the past; it’s about how to get rid of the effects from whatever happened in the past. The hurt happened in a split second, so why should it take a lifetime to fix it? Most of our emotional problems are actually caused by SPECIFIC unresolved events in our lives!

I'm not a counselor, therapist or doctor, but with EFT I help people release energy blocks and shift their energy so they can have success in their lives--whatever “success” means for them! I facilitate sessions without judgment, and simply guide people through the process. I am an Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner through the international organization AAMET.

What is EFT?

It's emotional acupuncture without the needles! I'll show you a few key spots to gently tap on your body while we talk.

During a typical session, we talk about whatever is bothering you, whether it's a fear, a stomach-ache, grief for a loved one, a painful memory, feelings of "I'm not ___enough," or whatever else you want to get off your chest. It could be something that makes you angry, sad, jealous...whatever!

One of the coolest things about EFT is that I don't even need to fully know the details of a painful memory-- you can simply give it a name. And EFT can still be effective when we tap!

EFT is a process that respects your privacy and allows you to heal without re-living the intense pain from any past traumatic events. EFT is designed to keep you safe and calm.

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How Does it Work?

The concepts and techniques used in EFT are based on ancient Eastern medicine—going back over 5,000 years!

People have a mind-body connection, and it’s highly likely that emotions actually affect our physical health and/or discomfort. The best way to learn about EFT is to experience it first-hand!

Self Help

After your first session with me, you’ll understand the basics of how to use EFT by yourself for self-care.  EFT is a simple technique you can do in the privacy of your own home to help yourself with minor emotional or wellness issues. 

For example, you could use EFT if you’re feeling nervous before a big meeting, upset after an argument, stressed about a project, or have a belly ache. 

For fears, traumas, and deeper issues, it is best to work with a trained EFT practitioner.  For physical discomfort, check in with your medical provider as well.

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What can EFT do?

EFT may help with:

Common Questions

How long is a session?
Our standard sessions are 45-75 minutes, depending on what you'd like to discuss. Free sessions are typically 30-45 minutes.

Do you touch me?
No, during an EFT session, a practitioner normally does not touch you. You gently tap on your own body by following how I tap on my own body.

Do I remain dressed?
Yes! You tap through your clothes on for 2 points and the rest are on your head or hands.

Does it involve hypnosis?
No, EFT does not involved hypnosis. However, if you are already receiving hypnosis services from another practitioner, EFT may be a good compliment to those sessions.


Please read the important disclosures here. After you select a session time I will email you a copy of this to electronically sign.

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