The Paper Glade - Website Re-Design

This site has 47 web pages, 142 images, and took 39 hours to complete.

Major Changes


Before and After Photos

We wanted to make the words easier to read, so we increased the text size and reversed from white text on a dark purple background to black text on a white background.

The new home page (bottom right) features a "slideshow" changing product image that was purposefully created without using Flash so people using iPhones and iPads would be able to see it.


home page - before








home page - after

Some pages were broken up and organized into multiple pages, like the original "About the Artist" page, which became "About the Artist" and "My Resume" after.


About page - before




about page - after

Images were edited into consistent sizes and optimized for fast download speeds. Each product photo leads to a new page with a large photo, zoomed in detail photos, the title of the piece, and it's price if currently for sale.


gallery page - before




gallery page - after


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