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Individual Success Seminars run from 45 minutes to 2 hours and can be taken in any order. You'll be learning in a small group with other smart, ambitious people!

What to Expect:

Seminar Topics:

This is Absurd!

We won't ask you to share your deepest feelings with strangers, hug or massage someone you just met, or "raise your hand and repeat after me...". We won't reference religion or do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

We won't speak monotone like a boring college professor until you fall asleep. We won't give a speech about why we're the most awesome trainers or give a lengthy, obnoxious sales pitch. Sound absurd? We've actually personally experienced ALL these things as participants of other seminars.


You can take 1 seminar, a few, or all of any order!

Some seminars briefly repeat topics with expanded information and/or different exercises and examples. If you do hear about a topic twice, it will actually help it "stick" in your brain's tool-box better.

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Seminar Style:

We don't explore deep, personal topics in these seminars, but some seminar handouts provide thought-provoking exercises you can complete in the privacy of your own home.

You may be exposed to some things that may seem "woo-woo" and strange to you at first... things that help solidify a lesson or help you reach your goals. We also do lots of hands-on exercises, work with partners, and things that spark your creativity, imagination, and energy.



If you would prefer to learn with one-on-one attention, please see our Personal Business Training option.


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